"I might not be perfect but at the end of the day, who does?"
Appreciation post :)

I'm not perfect, neither do he. We all aren't. He might not be handsome like men out there. He might not be as sado as men in the gym. He might not be perfect but then again at the end of the day, who does?

4 years ago, he's a friend. Today, he's a friend and a special one.

I'm gonna rant a lot about him. Brace yourself.

Aku tak pernah expect someone can be so patient and kebal terhadap segala makian, cacian dan mood swing yang pernah aku hamburkan atau lontarkan kepadanya. I've said too much awful things, one might left as soon as it comes out from my mouth. But then there he is, being patient day by day.

One day I can be too clingy and sometimes will call him at 3 am in the morning and tanya "tido eh" and he'll be like "haah tido jap jap bangun dah". Hahahahahaha so sabar.

And there's time of the month yang aku tetiba moody out of the blue. I left him with blueticks, harsh words and at night he'll still be like "Goodnight bla bla bla bla (with hearts and loves)" and in the morning with "Good morning. Have a nice day" and then again I left him with blueticks.

4 years ago aku cuba untuk larikan diri daripada dia. Block him on social medias and change my number. But then he's the best listener, the best friend i ever have. I couldn't go a day without telling him stuff about my day or rant about my crush or gossiping about the girl i hate lol.

Bila keluar, I tend to go to tempat-tempat makeup and baju-baju (well girls) and he never let me walk alone into the store. Instead, aku boleh mintak pendapat dia warna lipstick tu sesuai tak atau patut ke aku beli baju tu atau patut ke aku beli makeup tu. He's indeed a friend a very best at it.

One day I hope I can tell the world "I marry my bestfriend" :)

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