"I might not be perfect but at the end of the day, who does?"
"Just let me be "
That's why they said, when it's over, just let it over, don't you try to hold on to it and keep repeating the same mistake and then both of you hurt and blaming each other.

I really hope that we would never be hating each other. I really hope we can remain as friends but if things going on this way, i don't think i can remain as a friend to you. I won't blame you and i won't say bad things about you even when things are over but why are you acting like this?

We agreed to let go. We agreed that this is not going to work out. We stop there.

It's not like we didn't try. We did. So many times. But as it is, it's not meant to be.

Please. Learn to let go. Learn to let me go.

I'm so tired of letting people deciding what's best and what's not good for me sampaikan aku sendiri tak tahu bila masa aku boleh bahagia dan bila masa aku kena sedih. Can you just let me decide my life please.

You all never know how i felt and then you judge. You tell me things and make me follow your words and then when bad things happen, you blame me for making the choices. Why are you doing me like this? i'm so tired.

Masa dalam relationship tu, aku tak pernah bukak pekung di dada. Aku tak pernah cerita buruk dia, buruk relationship tu, All i portrayed are happiness and amazing things. I hide all the pains just because they like us and they want us to be together.

And then when dia buat salah yang sama and mintak maaf for like thousands times apa aku buat is just "issokay" like a fool. Just because aku nak jaga hati dia, jaga hati orang. Bodoh diri sendiri sakit nak pikir pasal orang lagi. Ya Allah penat.

Just then when things are over, i finally put up the courage to make my own choice and let you go. Kau ingat aku tak sakit ke? When the memories flashed in my mind, aku tak nanges?

But then knowing that you are not the person i used to love, i decided to just keep the memories within me and move forward.

Just then when i moved forward, you came and act like nothing happen. You got mad when i'm with someone else. We are over. I let you go. You are now just a memory. I don't think you still have the rights to be mad over pilihan yang aku buat.

Why can't you appreciate me when i was still there? when i was still hoping that you would change and care for me. Why now? Kenapa sekarang baru nak tunjuk yang kau patah hati? Kenapa sekarang baru nak rasa kehilangan? Kenapa sekarang baru nak tunjuk efforts?

Semua tu dah takde effect dah kat aku. Just please go.

Efforts and appreciation ni bukan patut wujud masa kau nak dapatkan aku je. I want you to care and love me even when you got me. Tapi why...........

"You got me. Is that all you wanted? Don't you want to keep me?"
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